Our legacy begins with the development of this website – HammertownMTB.com.

The area’s first mountain bike specific awareness website. A website for Hamilton area mountain bikers, by Hamilton area mountain bikers. If you’re a mountain biker in the greater Hamilton/Burlington area we want to hear from you. Hammertown MTB began as a suggestion from a cycling friend the fall of 2009, “Gary Dude” said he had been on the internet searching for a mountain bike group in the Hamilton area but came up empty handed. I took a look for myself, and the only mountain bike group in Hamilton I could find was in “Hamilton, New Zealand!”

That was enough for me, so I contacted Cousin Ray and the two of use got busy over the months to follow developing the website you’re visiting today. It’s become a daily ritual of mine to continue developing new and interesting content. From ride reports, trail conditions, advocacy news and general mountain biking news from around the world. New this year; our YouTube Channel and the acquisition of HD cameras by a couple of our regular “Hammer Heads” to record our adventures both local and abroad.

Join our growing list of friends today! Send us your pictures and short stories of your rides and events for future postings. Visit often to see what we’ve been up to and what’s happening in and around the Hamilton area when it comes to our advocacy efforts representing you, future trail development and access.

Mountain biking is an exhilarating activity and a great way to get and stay in shape. We’re here to help you develop your riding skills too. Learn about cutting edge fitness equipment to accelerate your learning curve for competition or just beating your fellow riders up the next climb.

Thanks for stopping by and watch for us on the trails, we’ll be the middle aged crazies that just passed you.

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